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Animal Health

Animal health projects focus on improving productivity of livestock, reducing zoonotic and other livestock diseases, and improving access to veterinary services.

Improving Animal Health and Productivity


Cattle Dip Project

In 2014, a cattle dip was constructed in Naitolia as a joint initiative of the Naitolia community, Monduli District, and TPP. The cattle dip improves animal health by controlling tick-borne diseases.


  • In 2016, an office for the cattle dip committee and store room for hazardous chemicals were completed at the cattle dip.
  • A rain water harvesting system with a 20,000 liter water tank was installed on the new office building. The tank collects rainwater and can also be filled with water from the well. This continuous supply of water makes it possible to operate the cattle dip continuously at a lower cost.
  • The holding corral and cattle chute were improved with small gauge fencing to control and protect the smaller animals including goats and sheep.
  • During fiscal year 2016, the cattle dip experienced challenges related to water supply and drought. Given these interrelated challenges, the number of cattle being dipped in Naitolia fell and costs increased.
  • Due to the problem with the generator and water pump, water had to be purchased and trucked to the dip.
  • A long dry season resulted in a lack of pasture, which made it risky to dip cattle that were weak from lack of food.
  • Some herds were moved to other areas where they could get pasture.