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The Girls Dormitory Project in Milola, Tanzania (Lindi District)

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SAM_2140.jpgImproving girls’ access to secondary education is a key goal of the Tanzania Partnership Program (TPP). A high priority for the Milola community has long been the construction of a girls-only dormitory near Milola Ward Secondary. Recently funds to construct a girls dormitory in Milola were secured from the TAG Philanthropic Foundation and TPP’s primary donor. The Girls Dormitory Project began in August 2017. The Milola community has shown significant support for the project. The land for the structures was identified and cleared by community members. The project includes several supporting structures including a matron’s room, kitchen, dining/study hall, and girl friendly latrines. Lindi District has committed to employ a Matron and the Tanzania Education Authority has committed to contributing furnishings. The girls-only dormitory in Milola is expected to be ready for student residents by fall 2018.