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The Girls Dormitory Project in Milola, Tanzania

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In August of 2017, construction began on the Milola Secondary School dormitory project which includes a 48-bed dorm, dining hall with kitchen, and latrine and shower facility. Community members first requested support to build the dormitory in 2010. TPP-funded-research confirmed that lack of safe and secure housing near the school was a key deterrent to girls’ transition to and completion of secondary school. Since these findings, TPP has worked to secure the funds, district- and national-level support, along with materials needed to build, staff, and sustain a girls’ dormitory at the school. The Milola community has shown significant support for the project in part by clearing and prepping the building site. The Tanzania Education Authority will furnish the dormitory and Lindi District will employ the matron. TPP will welcome the first cohort of girl students in 2019.

Timeline of Girls Dormitory Project