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Piped Water Systems and Committees


women and donkeys carrying water

When TPP began working in Naitolia in 2008, over 85 percent of households drank water unfit for human consumption from seasonal ponds and rivers during the rainy season. During the dry season, water was collected from shallow wells dug in the bottom of dry, seasonal riverbeds. TPP began restoring the local water well and building a piped water network in 2011 in two phases.

Building a Water System

water tank at the school

The pump at the well was installed and the well's generator rehabilitated. Seven kilometers of pipes were laid to the new storage tank and four public water taps were built, reducing the distance to clean water for more than 1,000 people. TPP also constructed an animal watering trough near the site of a future cattle dip and acted as a catalyst with World Vision for the construction of a water storage tank at the primary school.

Phase 2 continued to develop a sustainable water distribution system from 2012 to 2014. Water taps were installed at schools, the health dispensary, and strategic points in the community to maximize access for households. By 2015, the community water system had been expanded to serve all of the Naitolia community with the exception of one sub-village.

Creating a Village Water Committee

Naitolia_Water_cistern and pipes.jpg

In 2013, the Village Water Committee took responsibility for organizing the community, supervising construction of new system components, mobilizing the community to contribute pipes and labor, and protecting the system from unauthorized use. The committee also began selling water for human and cattle consumption.

In 2014, the committee managed maintenance and repairs to the water lines due to floods and local elephants. Two new rainwater harvesting tanks were built and a third tank was repaired. A new Village Water Committee was formed in 2015 and the new members received training on repair and maintenance of the water system, financial management, and relationships with the District Water Department. The village government of Naitolia then formulated community bylaws to regulate the community water system, which were then reviewed by the District government and ratified by the community.

Updating and Adapting the System

New pump house built by community in 2016

A new water storage tank was built near the well to replace a leaky storage tank in 2016, reducing water waste and the costs of operating the system. Rainwater harvesting systems were also installed at the new health dispensary to help maintain sanitary conditions, with the capability to store 30,000 liters.

Heavy rains caused the river in Naitolia to flood in February 2016, inundating the pump house at the well and damaging the generator. Villagers contributed local materials and labor to move the pump house to a higher elevation to prevent future flooding. The system was repaired and updated, beginning with the construction of a 45,000 liter water tank and pump house above the 100-year flood plain. The generator that was damaged in the flood was rebuilt and moved to the new pump house. A damaged surface pump and a control box were repaired and a new submersible pump was installed. Electrical lighting inside and outside the pump house were added for security. The Village Water Committee oversaw flood repairs completed by community members. The community contributed to repairs by collecting sand and stones for the construction of two structures at the borehole; moving the generator from the old pump house to the new pump house; and digging the trench for the new water pipe system from the borehole to the new water tank and pump house.

Installing Water Meters

water committee getting lesson on water meters

To ensure more precise measurements of the water sold, water meters were installed at a number of Naitolia locations in 2018. A 5,000 liter sim tank with a water meter was installed near the tarmac road as well. TPP trained the Village Water Committee on how to properly charge and record all income and expenditures. Then in August 2018, a broken underground water pump shut down the community's main distribution point. Income generated from new water meters was used to purchase the new pump. TPP supported an inspection of the new pump by the District Water Engineer and additional training for Village Water Committee members on who to read and maintain the water meters.