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Retention Pond

Retention Pond

Since the mid-1970s, Naitolia Pond held rainwater and functioned as the community's primary source of water during the dry season and times of drought. Yet by 2014, flooding had eroded the pond embankment wall and the pond no longer functioned as a water reservoir.

Pond being repaired

In August 2017, Naitolia entered a five-year partnership with the Yale University Chapter of Engineers without Borders (EWB) to rehabilitate the pond. EWB worked with Tula Ngasala, a former MSU doctoral student, to conduct a pond rehabilitation feasibility study. The team gathered and analyzed information about the pond from community members, GPS surveys, and water samples. EWB and TPP team members met with the community to present and discuss rehabilitation options and costs. The community agreed to pay five percent of the project cost and to provide the rock, sand, and labor needed to construct a cattle trough near the pond. TPP also pledged project funds. EWB raised the additional funds needed.

Finished pondConstruction of the retention pond began in June 2018. Community members prepared the pond for rehabilitation by excavating the foundation for construction of the livestock trough and gathering locally-sourced materials. EWB finished rebuilding the pond embankment wall and constructing watering troughs near the pond for livestock use in 2019. When the rains came, the pond successfully held water, ensuring the community of 1,800 people had access to clean water.